Mastery isn’t Just for Work

I love hearing how people – especially ones from my own field of information technology – look outside the workplace for their apprentice audience. I recently received this inspiring story:

I presented [a] talk to about 90+ people, we had a bad storm that passed through. It was at a family day and consisted of grandparents, extended families and friends that help raise the kids. I based my presentation on my ER Go bag that we have all the time. I showed the checklist I used to stock the bag. I used that as a starting point on which all travel should be based. It was not the most polished or organized presentation, I got some of the medical/legal document names wrong but the concepts were communicated. Medical Power of Attorney for example.
The most rewarding part was after the talk, I had 3 families that mentioned they were going to make their own ER Go bag and how much they appreciated a parent sharing info based on personal experience. We also got volunteers to do another presentation on back to school in July. There are a lot of issue with bleeding disorders and solutions that need to be communicated to new parents.
The 4 of us will be presenting in a panel format. I think seeing a fellow parent get up their and present (as amateurish as it was) but still getting people to pay attention and learn something, showed them that they can do it too.
I just thought you would like to know, how that one quote/blog post has started something that I hope will grow bigger and help others in our situation.
You have made a positive impact on a lot of lives outside the tech world.
This just highlights how Mastery – even on a small scale, in a seemingly unexciting area, can have a positive impact on people. You only need to help change one life to make it all worthwhile, but once you’ve helped change that one life, you’re going to be hooked, and you’ll end up changing many more.