Be a “Master” to Your Family

I just finished Be The Master, 2nd Edition. As someone who is considered the team expert in several technologies, I am responsible for teaching less experienced tech professionals my tradecraft, so they can rise in their stations, but also so I can “move around the cabin” when necessary or even change planes, as opposed to being seatbelted in my seat on the one plane, for an entire flight (following Don’s aviation references here).

However, what this book made me realize is that I’ve been so focused on how to be a Master at work, that I’ve neglected how to be a Master at home.

I have 2 young children, a 9 year-old son and a 14 year-old daughter. Most of my time is spent working, and when not working, I spend my time thinking about work, reading about technology, playing in my lab, etc. As I read Dons’ book, I realized that I have never taught my son how to ride a bike, catch a baseball, practice Sanchin (for my Okinawan Karate Masters out there), etc. What was even more shocking, is when I realized what I WAS teaching my kids: language, how I treated coworkers, anger management, etc.

We are Masters to our children, whether we accept that role or not, and they will learn from us whatever we teach them, whether we realize we’re teaching them or not. We can be Masters in many facets of our lives, sometimes without even realizing it.

Thank you Don. This book has made a difference.