You’re probably not interested in sitting in a room all day being lectured at or “inspired” by someone. If Be the Master spoke to you, then you’re probably a practical, get-things-done kind of person. Good, because getting things done is what a Be the Master seminar or workshop is all about.

You’ll be led through a series of real-world examples on applying Be the Master‘s philosophy to your own life. You’ll participate in workshop exercises where you honestly evaluate your own strengths and challenges, and create a custom, completely personalized plan to become a Master. You’ll learn about teaching techniques, time management, and life skills that will help you mature your approach to your career, and help you on the road to your personal success.


Grab our simple brochure, which outlines are most popular short seminars and day-long workshops. You’re also welcome to contact us about custom seminars or workshops to meet your specific needs.

At this time, we do not have a schedule of public seminars. If you’re interested in helping create and promote a public seminar in your area, please contact us (the brochure includes contact information).