You’re probably not interested in sitting in a room all day being lectured at or “inspired” by someone. If Be the Master spoke to you, then you’re probably a practical, get-things-done kind of person. Good, because getting things done is what a Be the Master seminar is all about.

You’ll be led through a series of real-world examples on applying Be the Master‘s philosophy to your own life. You’ll participate in workshop exercises where you honestly evaluate your own strengths and challenges, and create a custom, completely personalized plan to become a Master. You’ll learn about teaching techniques, time management, and life skills that will help you mature your approach to your career, and help you on the road to your personal success.


Seminar Schedule

Seminars are coming soon – watch this page for schedules.


Private Seminars

Privare in-person seminars are available starting at just $5,000, inclusive of US domestic travel, for any number of attendees. Cost of books and workbooks is additional. If you’d like to be contacted about a private seminar, just let us know:

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Public Seminars

We plan to schedule seminars in areas where there’s a stated interest. Sign up for our seminar notification list and provide your postal (ZIP) code, so we can identify candidate cities. If we schedule something nearby, we’ll let you know.