Be the Master: Third Edition Complete and Available

I’ve just checked in the final changes for Be the Master: Third Edition, and invite you to grab your copy while it’s fresh.

This has been a pretty major rewrite and reorganization of the book. Part 4 in particular, which focuses on the characteristics and behaviors of Masters, is all-new and… well, was a bit emotional to write, in some ways. In it, I tried to create a narrative around the journey of Mastery, from being someone who helps others, to becoming someone who works to improve and innovate in an area, to being someone who draws people together for mutual benefit, and ultimately to being someone who steps away to let things carry on without you.

The Third edition remains compatible with The Grind (indeed, Part 3 of the book, which covers The Grind, is one of the few unchanged bits). Having spoken with more than four dozen people who actually took the time to go through The Grind’s routine, I can promise you that it will, if you let it, help you focus on who you are. It’ll help you firmly define what success means to you (I find that it’s rarely about money, for example), and it’ll give you a simple, actionable weekly routine to set yourself on the road to that success. The Grind works best with a workbook, which is now included free of charge as a PDF for anyone purchasing the book via Leanpub. 

This book has truly been a labor of love, and with the Third Edition I feel it’s finally to a point that’ll have long-term meaning and value to a lot of people. I hope you choose to check it out.

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