Beginning “Be the Master, Third Edition.”

It’s a new year, and I’ve a new project.

One of my favorite projects has been Be the Mastera book whose Second Edition has gathered over 5,000 readers worldwide in print and electronic formats. One of the reasons it’s a favorite is because readers have shared so much feedback, and so many personal stories of their own successes at Mastery.

I’m taking all of that and launching a major reorganization and expansion of the book to create a new Third Edition.

I’m revising the book’s theme slightly, to “Realize your worth, achieve success, help others,” because I think that’s the real narrative people need to take away from it. One the past couple of years, I’ve met so many people who’ve said their first big hurdle was overcoming “imposter syndrome” and realizing that they were, in fact, absolutely worthy of helping other people.

This new edition is going to take some time to craft–it’s probably around 20% done right now, but that’s only because the front and back matter aren’t changing that much. You’re going to encounter empty sections, missing pages, and the like. But, it’s a chance to see the writing process in action, and a way to give me feedback as I go (which is always appreciated). My goal is to be done in Summer 2019.

The Third Edition is available in January 2019 for a minimum price of $5 using this link, and you’re also welcome to pay more if you think it’s worth it.

In April 2019, I’ll be doing a one-day workshop based on the book, in Bellevue, WA, and you’re invited to attend.

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