The March to v2

My intent with Be the Master was always to release a new edition annually (if you buy at, you get these for no extra charge). Each annual edition would include new content to help address things that you, the reader, brought to my attention.

Well, the feedback on v1 was pretty voluminous, so the v2 update, scheduled for release in early 2019, will almost double the book’s size!

There’ll be a new section on “becoming the master at work” – in other words, how do you actually do this inside the company or organization you already work for? This has been a big request, and it’s absolutely a worthy topic to address. There’ll be an expansion in the “Rules of Business” part, and an all-new “Rules of Life” part that will attempt to give you some new perspectives. Another new part, “Becoming a Teacher,” is designed to get you thinking about how to teach, because teaching is definitely a combination of art and science.

Perhaps the most challenging addition, for me, is a new section – and a companion workbook – called The Grind. For years, I’ve had a pretty specific set of weekly exercises I run through to keep myself focused, to try and better acknowledge where I’m letting myself down, and to make sure I’m upholding my personal goal of helping to teach others. Well, a bunch of v1 readers asked if I had any advice for staying focused and on-track, and that’s when I realized I needed to actually write down those exercises I’ve done over the past decade. That’s what The Grind is – my actual methodology, codified and presented in print. It’s very challenging to extract something like that from my brain, think about why I do all those things, and actually discard the cruft that I only do out of habit or superstition, rather than out of actual value.

Right now, a group of around a dozen volunteer readers are going through The Grind’s draft. They’ve agreed to live it, to help identify areas where I need to improve it, reduce it, expand it, and so on. That will deeply inform how v2 ultimately turns out, and I hope it’ll be a useful exercise for everyone when it’s ready.

If you’ve purchased Be the Master on Leanpub, then you’ll get the first draft of all this today, along with additional updates as I work on the book over this year. If you don’t want to see all that in-progress stuff, then the book’s 1st Edition remains available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle forms.

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