Get the Book

The book is available, where you choose how much you’ll pay and see exactly how much the author receives. They offer the book in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats for a single price, and you can always return to download updated editions, when available. The edition currently available on Leanpub is the Second Edition, which is in progress and scheduled for a December 2018 release. That means the Leanpub book is a preview, and you’ll receive a new build every so often as I near completion. Go to Leanpub→

You can also purchase the book from Amazon in print or Kindle formats. This is the First Edition, and it’s a complete narrative, not an in-progress work. Go to Amazon→

Audiobook version, based on the First Edition, available at,, with other audiobook sellers coming online soon.

“The Grind” workbook, referenced in the Second Edition and later, is available from as a spiral-bound journal. Get it now→

Readers of the Second Edition will find, in the “Stay Connected” section of the book’s front matter, a URL that provides access to a free weekly email. It’s designed to walk you through “The Grind” process and philosophy, help you stay on-track with your journey, and provide you with inspirations and tips for refining your path to Mastery.