You owe a debt you may not even realize exists.

Let's start paying it off.

Hi, my name is Don Jones. I've been really fortunate, throughout my career, to have a number of really smart people help me out. The things they've taught me have absolutely made me more successful, happier, the whole works. I bet you've had a few people who helped you out as well, right?

If so, then you owe them for that help. And they'd probably tell you that you don't, and so it's time to pay it forward.

I know... you're thinking, "yeah, but I'm no expert like they were. I can't help all that much."

I get it. But you've got some misconceptions and myths, there. I did, too, but I overcame them, and that's what unlocked my career for me. I'd like to tell you how I did it.

“But I'm not yet good enough to help anyone else.
And besides, where would I get the time?”

(Sounds like we have a couple of problems to solve.)

Helping others is actually the third step.

Step 1

Not all Masters are experts.
Realize Your Worth.

Step 2

Create room to help others.
Achieve Your Success.

That's right: What I realized is that I couldn’t start helping others until I conquered my Imposter Syndrome and started to achieve my success. So I developed a common-sense system to set my destination and hold myself accountable for the journey. It’s a hack that changed my life. It’s worked for me for over 16 years, it’s worked for hundreds of others, and it’ll work for you.

Oh, and it’s all in this free ebook.

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It's time to start changing your perspective and owning your life.

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It really does work. Just read these stories of people who've simply changed their perspective, moved into the driver's seat of their lives, and made positive changes for them and their families:

Luis O.

How common sense to just make actual decisions about what you’re doing with your life, but how was I not doing this all along? Thank you for opening my eyes. My family and I are finally having the conversations we should have been having all along, and thinking about what really matters to us.

David S

I had avoided career advancement because I didn’t want to be a manager. I’ve realized that I want to be a leader, and it turns out I’m great at it. I’ve now got a team of people, and their success is my first concern, and it’s made me realize that my own success is well within reach.

Denise C

I hate ‘you can be a better person’ seminars. This wasn’t that. I love that you use the word ‘workshop,’ because that’s what I feel it was. We got work done, and that work has my life on a far better track. I still don’t now what the future holds, but I now feel I know how to make it work for me.

Bonnie L

I realize now that I’d never driven my own life. I’d moved from opportunity to opportunity as they came along, and I’d never thought about where it was all taking me. Now that I have, I’m able to be selective about my opportunities, and I finally feel that there’s a purpose to it all and a reward at the end.

Dusean B.

I’ll keep this simple: I’m finally working to live, not living to work. Thank you for that.

Timothy N.

I’ve taken my Mastery into work and it’s paid off amazingly well. I’ve moved into a position where I’m teaching others as well as accomplishing meaningful contributions to our team. And I’m making the entire environment more open to continual learning. I love it all.

Amanda H

I found my Apprentice Audience outside the workplace. It launched a nonprofit that’s doing great things for other people, and now that is my workplace. I’m happier and better-off than I ever thought possible.

Joanna S.

Your words about the Seven Aspects of Mastery really hit home. I’ve always been a kind of teacher at work, but now I’m creating safer spaces, and I realize that the greatest accomplishment for me is when my apprentices can move on and don’t need me anymore.

Josh R

My family and I stopped chasing a salary and started chasing success. I’m not only reaching it, but I’m spending more time with the people I love. We’re happier, and I finally feel confident we always will be.

Robert M

I’m sure people tell you all the time how life-changing this was. I can just say that it’s true. My life, my family’s life, it’s all changed, and so much for the better. I know now why I’m getting out of bed every morning, and I can’t say thank you enough.